Aglance Solutions is leading digital mapping software for identifying patterns and drivers of pain and discomfort.


Our software provides an intelligent starting point for understanding, developing and implementing strategies to combat pain.




A mapping and analytics software

Navigate Pain software  provides insight about pain and discomfort.

Track, locate and report changes

Scientifically validated avatars guide precision reports.


'To capture and communicate in a glance.'

We believe hard work and dedication separates good from phenomenal.  We strive to support researchers, clinicians, and health & safety officers who are pushing the limits of pain science, employee well-being, and health & safety. 


Join our team of scientists, software developers and designers.


Shellie A. Boudreau

Director and Founding Partner with an MSc. in Biomedical Engineering and a PhD in Health Science and Technology.  She brings over 14 years of experience as a pain scientist into the design,  development, and applications of Navigate Pains' core technologies.

'There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.'
-Buckminster Fuller

Samuel Nygaard

CTO and Co-founder with an MSc. in Computer Science is leading the development of Navigate Pains' core technology.  He brings additional competencies such as machine learning for creating advanced metrics, mapping functionality and data visualization.

Don't wait for opportunity, create it.

Toke Mortensen

Partner and Head of business development and sales. With an MSc in Business Administration and Computer Science, he brings 20 years of experience in optimizing software design, function and customer service.

We can't direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.


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