Supported Research Projects

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2017: Geospatial pain, sensory and symptom mapping (Aalborg University, Denmark)

2017: Menstral Pain Project
(University of Notre Dame, Australia;
Curtin University, Perth, Australia)

Scientific Publications

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Ørsnæs E, Arendt-Nielsen L, Boudreau SA (2017) A comparison of oral sensory effects of three TRPA1 agonists in young adult smokers and non-smokers. Frontiers in Physiology 8(663):1-11. PubMed

Boudreau SA, Kamavuako EN, Rathleff RS (2017) Distribution and symmetrical patellofemoral pain patterns as revealed by high-resolution 3D body mapping: a cross-sectional study. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 8(160). PubMed

Andersen HH, Sørensen AR, Nielsen GR, Mølgaard MS, Stilling P, Boudreau SA, Elberling J & Arendt-Nielsen L (2017) A test-retest reliability study of human experimental models of histaminergic and non-histaminergic itch. Acta Dermato-venereologica 97(2):198-207. PubMed

Egsgaard LL, Christensen TS, Petersen IM, Brønnum DS, Boudreau SA (2016) Do Gender-Specific and High-Resolution Three Dimensional Body Charts Facilitate the Communication of Pain for Women? A Quantitative and Qualitative Study. JMIR Human Factors 3(2). PubMed

Jensen TK, Andersen MV, , Nielsen KA2, Arendt-Nielsen L., Boudreau SA (2016) Interaction between Intraoral Cinnamaldehyde and Nicotine assessed by Psychophysical and Physiological Responses. Eurpean J. Oral Sci. 124(4):349-57. PubMed

Arendt-Nielsen T, Wang K, Nielsen BP, Arendt-Nielsen LA, Boudreau SA (2016) Psychophysical and Vasomotor Responses of the Oral Tissues: A Nicotine Dose-Response and Menthol Interaction Study" J. Nico tine Tob Research, 18(5):596-603.

Boudreau SA, Badsberg S, Christensen SW, and Egsgaard LL. (2016) Digital Pain Drawings: Assessing touch-screen technology and 3D body schemas. Clinical J.Pain 32(2):139-45. PubMed

Boudreau SA, Spence R, Vasov G, Egsgaard LL. (2014). Feature Extraction APP for pain profiles. Replace, Repair, Restore, Relieve – Bridging Clinical and Engineering Solutions in Neurorehabilitation. Biosystems & Biorobotics. Springer, Cham Vol 7, pp 853-854.

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